June 04, 2019

For Customers:

When will I get my tapestry?

We run on a personalized on-demand retail model, which means we create the product specifically for you, once your order is placed. It typically takes us 2-4 business days to manufacture your order.

Once your order is shipped, we will email you the tracking number of your package. 98% of standard free shipping orders are delivered by day 9 of shipment.

If you chose the expedited shipping, you will receive your order in 6-7 days.

Standard shipping - up to 12 business days

Expedited shipping - up to 5 business days

Overnight shipping - up to 2 business days

International shipping - typically up to 21 business days*

*When it comes to international shipping, those packages are usually delivered within 1-3 weeks from the ship date through DHL.

 How do returns work?

If you simply do not like the order, email us at service@thetapart.com and we will issue you a full refund.

However, if you receive a damaged order, the wrong order, or there is an issue with the product itself, we will provide a reprint at no charge.

1% of printed products turn out to have misprints. If you’re the unlucky one, email us and we’ll fix it for you.

Please note that all complaints regarding product quality need to be reported within a month from the moment of purchase in order to be eligible for a reprint.

Shipping Issues?!

Lost in Transit- Amazing enough, about 1% of all orders are lost in transit (this is a global statistic!). If your order has spent more than 12 business days in transit (for Standard shipping) or exceeded the predicted shipping time for an expedited or overnight method, it’s probably lost in transit. At this point, email us, so we can reship the order for you. To claim that order was lost in transit, please contact our team and submit:

■ Order number ■ A short explanation of the issue ■ The confirmed shipping address


For Artists:

How do I sign up as an artist?

  1. Click the sign-up button on the artist portal page
  2. Create your unique login using your email address
  3. You will be redirected to artist dashboard
  4. Click request for approval
  5. Your approval will be accepted immediately
  6. Click edit at the top of the page to add your details.
  7. Set your cover photo, profile picture, connect your Instagram and add a short Bio.
  8. To add your design, go to design at the top of the menu and click upload new design.
  9. Your design will be approved within 6 hours and you will be able to see your designs as products on the website.


In order to upload your artwork in the right format and check for requirements, refer to the blog- “Preparing and uploading your artwork”.

What about IP Rights and Licenses?

Please refer to the blog- https://thetapart.com/blogs/news/intellectual-property-rights-and-licenses

How will I get paid?

Refer to the blog- https://thetapart.com/blogs/news/artist-payment-process.

If you’ve still got some questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us at service@thetapart.com

How many designs can I upload?

Every artist can upload a maximum of 8 designs. Upload your best work, and the designs that you think would look great on a tapestry.

How many artists are registered? How does rotation work?

We have a limit of 25 artists at one time. We want to give every artist a fair shot at showcasing their artwork, instead of having hundreds of artists with a thousand designs. We’d rather have quality designs over a large variety.

Every month, 15 artists who did the most sales, will roll over to the next month as well. The 10 other artists will be replaced by new ones. We use a first come first serve basis to pick the artists.

What are the upload requirements?

Check out the blog- https://thetapart.com/blogs/news/preparing-and-uploading-your-artwork

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