Welcome to the TapArt Audio Experience

This podcast is hosted by the CEO of TapArt, Sri - The Sri Podcast.

On this Podcast, you'll find our experiences building an art marketplace, interviews with our Artists and the story behind how it all started. 

We pride ourselves on our Artists, and we created this audio experience so people can get the know the story of the artists who design the tapestries.

If there is art on a wall, we want the artist to get due credit while making their story known to their audiences. 

Here's an episode for you to get started:

How TapArt started

This episode is about how the idea was born, tested and brought into fruition. Being a young team, we had to surmount a lot of challenges to get to where we are today. An episode that takes you through how it all began.

The TapArt Business Model

This episode discusses our business model. You can find out about the marketplace concept, how artists earn their commissions, and how as a business we keep ourselves running.

A conversation with Artist- Stacey Whitmore

In conversation with Stacey, find out more about the background of this artist, what motivates him as an artist and how he got started on this journey. On this episode, Stacey and Sri discuss the influence of Instagram on the digital art industry and how never giving up on being themselves has helped them thus far.

How we found our Artists

This episode talks about how we connected with our artists at first, without even a working website. We faced a lot of rejections, but some artists trusted us and our idea enough to work with us. Since then, we have grown to develop an eco-system of Independent artists from all across the globe.