Travel to a tropical forest and meet this beauty queen.

A soft, elegant and enchanting tapestry that will perfectly fit into any wall.


Type: Tapestry

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Eco-Friendly latex Inks
Quality Assured: Carefully sourced materials
Easy to hang: Use pushpins

Product Details

100% lightweight Polyester
High Resolution, Full-color prints
Hemmed edges and Fine line detail

Shipping info

Free Standard Shipping Across the US (5-8 days)
Expedited Shipping $5 (3-5 business days)
Rest of the world 21-25 Days Shipping

Van Vincent 

"TapArt gave me the best possible way to have big bold artwork up on my wall. Completely changed the way my room felt."

Haley Miller

"Being an artist myself, it feels good to have artwork by an artist so different from me. I like the initiative. TapArt is taking in supporting their Artists and giving them a platform to grow and flourish."

Sebastian Johnson 

"It's so cool that I can have artwork by all these amazing artists at such affordable prices."

Our Tapestries

Tapestries fueled by creativity and artist interaction.

Our Story

While shopping to decorate their apartment, our founder and his friends were on the hunt for wall decor. Being millennial's, they wanted to fill up the big empty spaces with tapestries, because they they did not want the hassle of moving around framed artwork. But there wasn't one place where artists were specifically designing for their work to be put up on tapestries.

So they scratched their own itch to build it. The first marketplace of artists for tapestries exclusively. A place where you can get to know the artist behind each design. TapArt is a team of four individuals, who have committed themselves to build a platform that helps artists fill up our daily lives with their unique artwork.